About Archer Health

Focus on Health • Aim for Excellence

The members of Archer Health, Inc.’s leadership team have provided over 70 years of quality health care. We currently offer a broad spectrum of high-quality, in-home healthcare services. Archer Health aims to exceed all providers’ need for reliable, efficient, skilled and compassionate care for their patients in need of skilled home health and palliative care services.

We focus on providing patient-centered care to all our patients. Our Palliative Care service provides comprehensive symptom management, advance care planning, and resource assistance. Palliative Care may be provided in the presence of acute disease management and treatment. Our services are uniquely suited and individualized to each patient’s situation.

Our clinical staff promote a broad patient education program with a focus on lifestyle modifications including, but not limited to: smoking cessation, exercise, medications, stress management, dietary planning, and disease management. We offer three specific programs to ensure the highest measures of success for patients. (1) Chronic Disease Management, including cardiac, pulmonary and diabetes disease (2) Fall Prevention Therapy and (3) Post-operative Rehabilitation

The cornerstone of archer health is to work very consciously to become partners with those for whom we care. An archer learns where to put their fingers, how to draw the bow, and when to release. We consistently try to understand our patients, know them as fellow humans, and build a sense of fellowship and trust.